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 Wanted: Program Officer, Brand Dialogue 

Willem Woudenberg, Founder Director of Brand Dialogue, is looking for a Program Officer to work on ongoing creative and strategic branding projects. This includes research assitance, the planning and delivery of brand master classes as well as communications and public relations work for our agency. The position offers an exciting opportunity to co-construct the growing mandate at Brand Dialogue to connect Indian and European creative markets and people. 

This is an entry level position, with a maximum of two years of work experience. An ideal candidate will hold a master's degree in communications, marketing, branding, design or an allied field. 

Location: Delhi or Mumbai 

The incumbent will be expected to:

Have the intelligence, initiative and follow-through to conduct desk-based research, via the internet, phone calls and meetings

Be consistent in their pace of work and have the foresight to report problems along with suggested solutions, as well as have the judgement to refer problems to their line manager 

Be detail-oriented, have perfect English writing skills and communicate excellently on the phone and in meetimgs

Be competent in, or at least the potential to become competent in, social media and websites as well as writing for the web

Be flexible to work from home, a coffee-shop or a shared workspace as well as a range of projects, large and small

Be willing to take on additional tasks related to office management and small projects

Travel as needed, while being aware that allowances are based on available project budgets

Interested candidates should contact with a cv and a note explaining why they are interested in the job.

Salary commensurate with industry standards in India.




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