newsletter 2015

Willem Writes

Letter from the CEO's desk

 Dear Readers,

 Holi Hai! It gives us great pleasure to bring you the second edition of the Brand Dialogue  Newsletter on the auspicious occasion of Holi. Brand Dialogue wishes you a very happy and  colorful Holi.  Just as the varied hues of Holi are bringing hope and the economic climate in India  is looking up. 

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Brand Dialogue in Action

6 very eventful and action-packed months

The last six months have been very exciting for Brand Dialogue with four major knowledge sharing events attracting a lot of industry attention. Speakers included experts from Brand Dialogue's group agencies such as Fabrique, Globrands and Yellow Dress Retail.

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The Dialogue

Q&A with Yellow Dress Retail

Yellow Dress Retail (YDR) is a young Dutch and now Indian agency with offices in Amsterdam and Chennai. The agency was founded in 2009 and is the brainchild of three Partners- Loe Limpens, Marcel Gort and Esther Coachman . In India, YDR is a part of the Brand Dialogue Group. We caught up with Loe and Marcel for a quick Q & A.

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Expert Speak

Naming for Brands

While Perhaps people have the luxury of changing names, but it is more complicated for brands.  Where design, logo, website, colors and fonts can change over time and communication can even change daily; your name stays the same for years. Tim Jager, our naming expert from Globrands explains the importance of choosing the right name for your brand.

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It works!

Case study of a Dutch retail giant

  Albert is Heijn is the oldest and largest retail chain in The Netherlands. A few decades ago they came up with Allerhande, a cooking recipe book. Today they have a website and a cooking app that has won them the loyalty of nearly three quarters of the country's market. Matthijs Klinkert, shares the story.

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Coming Up Next

What's in store for 2015

We have bagged a few big ticket projects and will also host a number of interesting seminars and master classes this year. From location branding to private lable retail to pharma and wellness products, Brand Dialogue is going to have an exciting 2015.

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