What we do

Brand Dialogue advises clients on effective brand, design and communications strategy. We position brands by tuning them to market opportunities, but also make use of the client’s own strengths and identity. This results in a brand story that is future oriented. In developing brands we use research, dialogue, workshops and out-of-the-box thinking. That's analysis, combined with creativity.

To ensure that the proposed strategy will become tangibe, Brand Dialogue co-operates with various agencies with expertise in design, communications or online delivery. Clients decide which agency they would like to work with, dependent on needs, expertise and match.


The brand scan

We start with a research of your brand's strengths, challenges and opportunities. We study where you come from and explore your ambitions. We analyse your competition in depth. We interview your clients and other commercial stakeholders. Based on this we make suggestions for a new, innovative marketing strategy and how it can be translated into your brand communications and design.

Brand and communication strategy

On the basis of the brand scan, we develop proposals for your positioning and brand personality, your name (if needed) or your products, your communication themes. So that you can differentiate your company from competitors and create sustainable relationships with customers. We also propose a brand architecture that will strengthen your brand's basis for further growth. We bring everything together in an appealing brand story and a powerful tagline that will achieve your brand's aspiration.


Design is a vital part of brand building. It makes you and your brand visible, is an important part of your communication. It differentiates you from competition, contributes to your business-success and profits. We advice you in branding & design experience : visual design, internet/digital, advertising etc. All aimed at communicating your brand in a powerful way.

Project management and implementation

We don’t only advise – we also help with implementing and getting things done. Because only then new branding and design can contribute to the realisation of your brand promise. We makes an analysis of the expected costs and benefits, and advise on how best the new brand can be implemented.